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Providing the highest quality meals at the most competitive price delivered to your door

Dinners Ready provide premium quality hand-made dinners delivered to your door. We supply a large selection of traditional cooked meals including Bacon & Cabbage, Roast Beef, Turkey & Ham, Curry, Cottage Pie, Pasta and lots more. All our meals are delivered fresh and fully cooked.

At Dinners Ready we do things the hard way, we do not cut corners when it comes to cooking. We use traditional cooking methods and recipes in everything we do. We promise you will know what we are talking about when you taste the food. Immediately after cooking, meals are blast chilled and gas flushed to seal in the freshness. 

Our prices range from €5.50 to €6.25 depending on which price plan you choose. Our products are delivered Free however there is a minimum order stipulation of 4 meals.

Orders are placed on our website are delivered anywhere in Ireland by DPD our distribution courier. Each meal is made fresh and delivered to your door. Our temperature control delivery boxes are the very latest innovation in their field and the first in Ireland. These boxes are working successfully in the US where the climate is significantly hotter than Ireland. Using liners filled with recyclable material together with specialised frozen gel packs we can guarantee that food will stay below 5 degrees for 48 hours, we will deliver within 36.

Customers who register on our website will receive regular updates and will be informed of any new products or developments.

Everyone loves a home cooked traditional meal but not everyone has the time to cook.