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Frequently Asked Questions

Shelf Life

Our meals are produced using fresh ingredients. We blast chill our meals hot, immediately after cooking, then we package them and seal in the freshness. This enables us to allow a minimum of 5 days shelf life from date of delivery. 

Are Dinners suitable for home freezing ?

As the complete Dinners Ready range are made fresh, they behave exactly the same way as meals made at home. Therefore, they are suitable for home freezing.

How Do I Heat them up ?

In general, meals will cook in approximately 6 minutes on high setting in most microwaves. Meals are packaged in ovenable and microwavable containers. Please see individual packs for specific heating instructions. Please ensure they are piping hot ( minimum 75 degrees ) before consumption. 

Can I cook them from Frozen ?

For best results , allow products to thaw for 24 hours before cooking. Then follow instructions on the individual packs.

Allergens & Nutritional Information

We at Dinners Ready adhere meticulously to best practice food production methods to ensure our meals get to you in prime condition. When it comes to allergens and nutritional information please refer to the product specification that accompanies each meal on this website.

How do deliveries work ?

All our meals are delivered in temperature controlled boxes with ice packs. We guarantee that products will be kept chilled for a minimum of 48 hours. 

What happens if nobody is at home to receive the delivery ?

Our distribution partner will e mail you once your order is dispatched and again on the morning of your delivery. If you or your nominated recipient is not available to receive the goods when they arrive, the order will be deemed delivered and no refund will be made. 

Customer Service

If you experience an issue with your meal or delivery please e mail us detailing as much information as possible at the point of delivery to and we will deal with your issue as promptly as possible.